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RJ-laser sprint

Power injection for easy and fast therapy

Enjoy relaxing therapy, because the modern ergonomic design means comfortable work. Precision in its finest form. The handylaser sprint offers high power and easy handling. It has short treatment durations and deep penetration.

  • continuous beam
  • 10 Hz-Alpha frequency
  • acoustic signal, 5 sec. time control
  • Automatic energy timer (e.g. 2 Joule)
Standard configuration : 785/50 mW or 810 nm/150 mW. Other wavelengths between 655 nm - 810 nm available.
The handylaser sprint is delivered with high-quality NiMHd rechargeable batteries, which have a service life of about four hours (depending on the power of the laser diode) and short charging time. You can also use standard rechargeable or other batteries.

Via the power supply it can be connected to the main current as well.